Single Sign-on just-in-time provisioning - selecting the new JIT user license (user/collaborator)


We're exploring options of linking Azure Active Directory and Wrike. Our use case is:

  • Wrike users: IT + some managers
  • Wrike collaborators: other non-IT employees
  • Our main task "ingest" pipeline (for issues/requests from collaborators) is basically a general helpdesk email address & forwarding those emails to a specific Wrike "Inbox" folder.

What we'd like to achieve is linking AD+Wrike and use JIT provisioning, but we'd like new accounts to be collaborators... or have an admin-controlled switch whether the new JIT accounts will be users/collaborators.

To put it otherwise, we can manually manage "user" licenses, but there's to many employees (collaborators) to manually invite them etc.


As I understand, currently the above is not possible... to quote a response from your support:

"While it is indeed possible to set up the Azure AD SSO in Wrike and it can create the new users in the Wrike account as the integrated person logs in, it's set to create Users, not Collaborators. And there's no way to set it up to only create anything but Regular users by default.

As such, it will be adding user seats until the limit (or overdraft limit) of user seats is reached and only then can switch to creating Collaborators instead. So, the SSO just in time user creation is not something to rely on if you wish the new users to have anything but the user license."

Regards, Blaž

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Hi Blaž, I can understand why this would be a useful option to have and could save time when you want new users within your organization to become Collaborators. You've come to right place to share this idea! Other members can now upvote this idea and we've made our Product team aware of it. Thanks for posting!

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