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it would be nice if you add a notification icon with a number of new event happened inside each project in root directory. Im interesting mostly in new messages/comments inside directory

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Hi again, Andrey! Thank you for posting this request here. I think it could be helpful to change the title to "Notification Count" or something which makes the request a bit more descriptive and would help other users find it - what do you think? I'll be happy to help with changing it if you agree!

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I've just received this request today - to have some kind of highlight of events on tasks, so that users can see if something has changed on any task or project since it was last viewed. Is this something that could be implemented?

Users do not want email notifications - they want a quick view to see what's changed in bold or with a badge (like unread emails), so that they can quickly see what needs to be looked at.

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Hi Amy Cookson, thanks for your feedback here and sorry for the late reply!

This is very interesting feedback and it's passed on to the team. They are planning to research inbox notifications this year, and this thread will definitely be taken into consideration as well. As soon as I have an update, I'll make sure to post! 

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