Master task templates - can you do this?

Hi all 

I want to create a template for a recurring tasklist that sits inside a group of other tasks. If I change the template then the recurring tasklist updates in all instances. Is this possible?

Here's a simple example.

Say you have a workflow that contains a list of tasks - say it's everything that you need to do before you travel for a conference. The tasks with subtasks could look like: two months out - checking visa and travel documents, one month out - research tasks for conference, one week out - notifying neighbours and preparing to leave home, one day out - pack bag, close up home. 

Say you travel a lot and have 4 copies of this workflow for 4 separate conferences in the next 3 months. 

Now you want to add a new item (eg. Aspirin) to your "pack bag" list. Ideally this would be a master task template that you would update and it would be reflected in every one of the 4 instances above. Right now I'm manually updating each workflow, four times. 

It's not a recurring workflow, which implies that only one instance is open at a time. 

Is there a task template? If not what is the best workaround?



Sholto Macpherson

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Kinda like how you can "edit reoccurrence" and the task you edit changes all reoccurrences?   

So essentially a "reoccuring folder" or "reoccuring project?" 


Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Hi Sholto, thanks for your post. Patrick is correct here, it sounds like your looking for the type of editing available for recurring tasks? This is not possible at the moment, but Derik did make a request for that type of functionality. Could you take a look at his post and +1 it if that's what you're looking for?


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