[Status: Not planned] Improve how Recurring tasks work


I must confess that of all the many, awesome features in Wrike, recurring tasks is probably the one I'm most underwhelmed by. One of the tools that we came from was Asana, which falls short in so many ways, but handles recurring tasks very well.

I was bummed the first time I created a recurring task and found that Wrike simply created a task for every single instance. There's one task that we do every month, for example, for the foreseeable future. First, I realized I couldn't simply have it recur indefinitely. Then, after setting it to 5 years, I realized I'd created this monster list which ate all the other tasks, visually.

I understand this would likely require back-end changes, but please consider changing how recurring tasks work. Here's a couple thoughts:

  • Make it a single task marked as a recurring task (bringing things like description and comments to a single place)
  • Allow for a task to recur indefinitely. Since it's just a single task, no problem!
  • Instead of a task being daily or weekly or monthly or yearly, allow a user to define multiple recurrence rules, providing the flexibility for more bizarre schedules

Being a task attribute, I believe it would also lend itself to open support for recurring subtasks as well.

Hope this helps! :)

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Hi folks, that's correct, as Elaine mentioned above, this suggestion will be reviewed again in the future, but for now, it remains not planned. I'm sorry you're disappointed. Please let me know if there's anything else I can help you with. 

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