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  3. [Status: Investigating 🕵️‍♀️] Make apps work offline

I am glad I found this thread. We work with multiple teams in areas where there is little to no internet access. Being able to access tasks offline is critical for us. Anastasia, you mentioned we a...

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  3. Excel import error message : Can't use backslash, comma and semi colon

Hi Anna, Thanks for your response on this thread and also via the ticket. I was able to upload the document but I did have to remove all commas, semi-colons and backslashes not just from the task t...

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  3. Wrike mobile app: Can't attach onedrive files

Hi Stephanie, thanks for this. I actually have a call in about an hour with one of your account managers. The lack of this functionality could be a show stopper for us since we use OneDrive and we ...


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