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  • custom dashboards

    Is there any talk of dashboards having the ability to filer from multiple folders?  So if I create a widget for "Due this Week" or "Overdue" it pulls all tasks from multiple folders selected? thank...

  • Automatic @mention

    Hi Is there anyway that  - as the admin - I can get cc'd on all comments without the team manually having to tag me?  Or at least select the projects that I'd like to be cc'd? Thanks, Stacey

  • Multiple Templates in one Project Request Form

     Hi  I've run into a situation where I would like to use one request form to feed multiple templates.   The request from would serve as a master "Content" request form.  Depending on the content re...

  • [Duplicate] Drag and Drop Files

    Note from Wrike Team: Check out Move Attachments to vote for the original request.   Hi - Is there any talk of expanding the ability to drag and drop files between tasks or within one task.  For ex...

  • Filters

    I work in the table view to conduct a weekly status meeting.  I would like to be able to set my filters for that meeting ONCE and have them hold as I move throughout folders.  Its frustrating and v...

  • User Permissions

    Hi  The current levels of permission (Full, Editor, Limited) are too broad for my needs.  I'm wondering if there is any way - or a future plan to allow clients to customize what can and cannot be d...

  • Side by Side View for Proofing

    I would love to be able to view multiple versions of a file simultaneously to compare edits and updates more easily.   I've worked in other project management tools that allow you to open the curre...