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I'm a marketing and creative services project manager for Daktronics & head Wrike geek for our team. My focus is on creative project management for our digital artist team and as the master scheduler for our marketing teams, I ensure workload capacity and projects are balanced across our marketing teams for four of our digital display markets. I also lead any Wrike on-boarding work for new team members or new groups coming into the Wrike workspace.


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[Status: Launched! 🚀] Duplicate Reports

The ability to duplicate existing reports (ex: quarterly reporting) so that the reported fields remain consistent and all that would need to be changed is the name and time-frame would be great. Al...

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[Status: Backburner ⌛️] "Approved with Changes" in Proofing & Approvals

We could really use an "Approved w/ Changes" option in Proofing. Often there's a very simple change that the requester doesn't need to see again after the change but they can only Approve or Reques...


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