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I'm a marketing and creative services project manager for Daktronics & head Wrike geek for our team. My focus is on creative project management for our digital artist team and as the master scheduler for our marketing teams, I ensure workload capacity and projects are balanced across our marketing teams for four of our digital display markets. I also lead any Wrike on-boarding work for new team members or new groups coming into the Wrike workspace.


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Project Requests Based on Available Capacity

It would be excellent to be able to build available capacity communication into the request forms so that while they are filling out the request form, they can see what our current availability is....

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[Duplicate] Report Date Range - Ability to Type in the Date

Note from Wrike Team: Check out Reports date picker confusing to vote for the original request. Currently when creating a report for a specific time frame, you have to click through the calendar to...

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Attachments Indicator/Icon next to Project title

It would be great if there was the attachments icon (paper clip) next to the title of a project, much like there is next to the title of a task so that we can quickly see if that project contains a...


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