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  1. Community
  2. Best Practices
  3. [Use Case Marathon] Week 5 - Employee Training Program & Onboarding ✅

I love the idea of having a blue print created to tackle additional training. I'd love to create this for department specifics in addition to advance training modules! 

  1. Community
  2. Brought to You By Wrike
  3. [From Wrike] Wrike Stars is here! ⭐

Looking forward to gaining access to this tool soon! I think this will be really good for our team to get inspiration while also learning! 

  1. Community
  2. Weekly Release Notes
  3. [Monthly Release Wrap-up] What's New In Wrike - March 2021

Love seeing the new custom fields! 

  1. Community
  2. All about Community
  3. [From Wrike] Community Badge Program 🙌

Looking forward to gaining more insight! Thanks!


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