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Wrike user since 2015. This is the 3rd company I've worked for where I've implemented Wrike with 120+ Users, focused on cross-functional Product Development and Marketing projects.


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Info mouse-over for Custom Fields to define what it's for

Request: I'd love to see an i with a circle around it on custom fields where when I float my mouse over the i for more information I see a definition of what that field is for and guidance on how t...

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Analyze Board Widget for YOY Values

I want to create a Line Chart where the X-Axis has generic months (i.e. Jan / Feb / Mar ) but the Values includes two lines:  2021 Task Due Dates and 2020 Task Due Dates.  This way we can see a lin...

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Admin controls on Add/Delete Custom Field permissions

I wish there were a separate setting under the Account Management Settings section, with radar button for Allow Users to Add/Delete Custom Fields Allow Only Administrators to Add/Delete Custom Fie...

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Dependencies on Backlogged Tasks

I would like to be able to click the Dependencies button within the Task view and add a Predecessor but NOT have dates on either task.  Currently adding a Predecessor to a Backlogged (no dates) tas...

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Add Request Forms to Home Page

Love the Home Page in the New Wrike Experience as it's intuitive for new users, and customizable to show/hide unwanted info and rearrange some of the sections; however, our users cannot find the Re...

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"Created By Me" Filters

When we click on Created By Me, from either the New Wrike Experience homepage or in the Personal Space, we would like to have the ability to apply additional Filters to quickly find the tasks we're...

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Parent Folder field in Table View

In Reports, I can add a column for Parent Folder, however I'd like that option to be available in Table View as well.  We have a RAID Log folder where we're double-tagging issues from the actual pr...