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Hi Wrike Community! My name is Michelle and I'm the Art Operations Manager at Herff Jones Headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana.


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Automatically identify which Request Form a task came from

Hello Wrike Community, I would like to see Wrike add an identifier to every request-form-generated task so that the form that spawned the task can be identified. This could be a link somewhere in t...

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Automation doesn't work with Recurring Tasks -- is there a workaround?

Hello, Wrike Community! My art team works a remote hybrid schedule that rotates on a 3-week cycle. I created a series of recurring tasks for our daily morning touch-base that includes the roster of...

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Add customizable time option to Inbox Snooze dropdown

Hello! I would like to have not just the date, but also the time option on the Inbox Snooze dropdown become customizable.  Right now there are pre-determined snooze options of "3 hours," "Tomorrow ...

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Wrike New Experience Feedback

I've been using Wrike since last August and the New Experience for about a week now. I like the Home view's central spaces, but it bothers me that they're no longer in a neat hierarchy, like nested...


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