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Workspace Themes & Dark Mode

Are new workspace themes and/or a dark mode option on the roadmap at all yet? It seems like there haven't been any new workspace themes released in years, and I feel like dark mode is a pretty stan...

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Using Team Spaces

We recently moved from each user organizing their own projects in their own way to having a team/department space that we create all projects under. You can of course still tag the project over int...

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Report Snapshots - Text Wrapping ot Working?

When I view report snapshots the text is no longer wrapping. I clicked the "..." in the top right corner and "text wrap" is selected. I tried turning it off and back on and it still isn't working. ...

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Viewing Report Snapshots

In the past when I viewed report snapshots they would open in a new tab within my wrike app, but for the past few weeks they open in a new tab in my internet browser. Is this a preference that can ...