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  3. [From Wrike] Rollups in New Table View ✍️

We've just started trying out the new table view, and noticed that without Aggregations there is no way to sum Time Spent for Folders and Sub-Tasks within a project (we can only roll up the Time Sp...

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  3. Recurring Task last Working Day (Business Day) of the Month

Can this request be combined with https://help.wrike.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360028491334-Recurring-task-option-to-set-deadline-last-day-of-month ? I would like to see this functionality added...

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  3. [Status: Launched! 🚀] Spell check on Desktop App

Just noticed a bunch of red squiggly lines in the task descriptions on my desktop app - has this been added in now??!


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