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  • Can you link to projects via board view?

    My team is setting up another space within Wrike that we want to be specifically viewed in Kanban board. I have some screenshots of what we currently have, where we are using custom statuses as col...

  • Disrupting an approval automation

    Currently we run our approvals through the same task Here is the scenario : The designer posts their email file, they then change the status of the task from "in progress" to "internal review" afte...

  • Filters - Helpful or Hurtful?

    Something my team has explored a lot are all the filter options in Wrike. In most cases we keep our filters turned off, but I have found with my personal space filters have been the quickest way to...

  • Time Tracking for General Projects

    Hi there! Wanted to share another hack my team does to track time. We have just recently started tracking time and are aiming to use it as a tool for our project manager so that she can better her ...

  • Show Multiple Due Dates for Tasks with Approvals

    We often have design tasks within our projects that we run two sets of approvals through (internal and external approval) as well. The designers are having to look at the due date next to their tas...

  • How do you use colored tags?

    We have color coded our Projects based off of what designer is in charge of that job. I'd be interested to know how other people are using their tags! Might be something we haven't thought of that ...

  • Tasks are filtered to active tasks automatically?

    One of my users is having an issue where she has to go into each project and change the filter from "all active tasks" to "all tasks" (people like to see all tasks because its always been the way w...

  • Mass Edit Task Descriptions

    Currently we run Projects that have the same 6-8 steps (tasks) within them. The project manager will write in the description of the project information about the job (i.e this is a backpack promot...