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I am responsible for our project management office and the introduction and development of company-wide project management. In addition to classic project management, I am particularly interested in the agile approach and how this can be introduced into everyday project work in classically managed companies.


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Open Task in new tab with Scroll Wheel

Hello,Although it's just a small improvement suggestion, I would find it very convenient if tasks could open in a new tab by clicking the mouse wheel. Colleagues have approached me about this, as t...

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WIP (Work in Progress/ Process) - Limit

hello everyone,i think it would be great if it would be possible to set WIP (Work in Progress/Process) limits for lines in the board display.This could enable a team even more to clarify what shoul...

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synchronize absences between Outlook and Wrike

Hello,Is it possible to synchronize the absences maintained in Outlook with the personal Wrike calendar?We would like to prevent employees from having to maintain their absences in too many tools. ...


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