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How to Improve the New Design (New Experience): Part One

Recently Wrike redesigned their UI and UX, Some parts are definitely prettier, but the usability (IMHO) is worse. I'm writing this because I got off an interview with the Wrike team, and one of the...

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Dear Wrike: Please Make Subtasks a Part of the Free Version

Hey readers,  Before I begin this post I want to mention one thing: I love Wrike. My name's Zack and I'm both a paid & a free wrike user.  I have my own account for my freelancing career and a coup...

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How to Delete Custom Fields (Columns) in Wrike

I was just testing out how to delete custom fields in Wrike and I discovered there's not an obvious intuitive way to do this. This was really frustrating before I found the solution because I thoug...


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