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  3. Show the Project as a tag on tasks within a folder by default

Yes this should be the Default setting - I spend a lot of time showing others this because they're confused.

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  3. Outage?

Yep.  You can track status here:  https://status.wrike.com/

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  3. Request form due dates targeting tasks in the middle of the project

Rich Teachout our only workaround is to add a task to the blueprint, on the same date as the Launch Task, called "Add Post Launch Tasks to Wrike" which contains a bulleted list of all the post live...

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  3. [Status: Launched! 🚀] Filter Presets for Gantt Chart

If your Admin properly sets up Groups based on the departments, than you can use the Assignee Filter to select that group/department in all views including Gantt Chart.

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  3. Mass Edit Task Descriptions

Agree with Blueprint approach.  For top-level info that applies to the entire project we use the "project clipboard" section.  

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  3. [Duplicate - Not planned] Task Sort Order: By Folder, Project, or even Space

Some of my team wanted this as well (they transitioned from Basecamp) so they're using Reports to view their To Do list in this format, setting the Parent Folder as the "Group By".

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  3. [Status: Coming Soon...🕑 (available in the New Board View - Wrike Labs)] Add subtasks to the Board View

Yes Please!!

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  3. Attachments - Duplicate Naming and Versioning

I mentioned this exact issue and solution to my CSM as well!  Totally need a pop-up!  


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