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  • Conosci il mio team, il settore, gli interessi e ciò che posso ottenere usando Wrike Working in the construction industry. Using Wrike to manage our internal project activities. Trying to make a bridge between the more traditionnal project management practices and the more actual ones.


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  • Request forms: User rights

    Hello! I found that it would be interesting to be able to have some different people working on request forms. It could be interesting to be able to use your new "approval" process to let any regul...

  • Request forms

    Hello,   Is there a way for people to create request forms without being administrators?  I honestly haven't found the option and it is something that we would be interesting in developing with our...

  • Multiple "tasks from" in dashboard

    Hello, It could be helpfull to be able to filter the tasks included in multiples spaces or folders. The actual setting only allow to add 1 reference. See below for reference.      Thank you! 👻

  • Request forms and spaces

    Hello,  Here is 2 things I recently discovered and that would probably be useful: 1. to be able to assign multiple spaces for 1 request form. 2. to be able to copy/paste a request form (and then mo...

  • [Status: Backburner ⌛️] Bookmarks

    Hello! Our team usually work woth the desktop app. I just realize that I need to work in the web based version to actually see the URL of the things I want to show in bookmarks. It would be great t...

  • Personal Space

    Is there a way to customize our personal space? As you can do with every other spaces?   Personal comment:  It seems to me that you should also be able to delete it if you want... 

  • Ressource planification

    Hello, I'm still a little new to the ressource module of Wrike. I would like to know if there was a "good" way to be able to plan our occupation, but without assigning directly a task to anyone. Th...

  • Follow up on utilization

    Hello, I'm trying to create a report to follow my new team with their integration. I was wondering if there was a way to filter by "task creator". Since the tasks assigned may have been created by ...

  • Recurring tasks - Blueprints

    Hello, It would be usefull to be able to create a reccurent task directly in a blueprint, with the same options as in the "normal" projects/tasks.   Thanks a lot,  PH L. 

  • Request forms

    Hello,  It would be interesting to be able to "force" custom project numbers in resquest forms rather than the generic number generated by Wrike.  It would be practical for us to be able to add, fo...