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Working in the construction industry. Using Wrike to manage our internal project activities. Trying to make a bridge between the more traditionnal project management practices and the more actual ones.


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  3. Getting started: how do I assemble my team into Wrike?

Hello,  You need to rigth click on the space or folder you want to "share" and invite the people to the space with their email if they don't have any account yet. Choose the "share" option. They wi...

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Thanks Nelson,  Have a nice day!  

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  3. 🧘‍♀️Releases-Request Forms, Project Progress and releases from Labs! (09/18/19)

One of the feature that would be interesting for us is to be able to format the answers of a request in a particular view in the task description (ex.: in a table or in a custom field). At least, i...


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