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Working in the construction industry. Using Wrike to manage our internal project activities. Trying to make a bridge between the more traditionnal project management practices and the more actual ones.


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  3. Default view on startup

Sure. This is what I see on startup.    This is what I would like to see (mostly for the new users, helps them understand where they are).  You can also see in the 2 screenshots that the upper ri...

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  3. [New to Wrike] Workspace Themes 😎

Hello! It would be nice that the workspace theme extend to the "account management" template. Our logo is on a transparent font (as suggested) and gets lost in the wrike basic template (bad color m...

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  3. [Status: Not Planned] Ordered active tasks based on dependency - My Work

I just wanted to add my vote for this option. If the "my work" or the "dashboard" were able to filter according to the status (all dependencies completed), that would help us greatly to focus when ...


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