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  3. [Status: Launched! 🚀] Using the Table View like an Excel Spreadsheet

Hugh, Thanks for the update! Can we mass delete whatever we've mass edited?

  1. Community
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  3. Shared Permissions on Dashboards

Yes, being able to edit a dashboard or report if you are not the user that created it would be very helpful!

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  3. Request Form customization

Hi Cameron, Currently, the quickest way to assign due dates, tasks and subtasks to team members is via an import where we've already pre-assigned the team members and due dates. If we duplicate a t...

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  3. [Status: Launched 🚀] Custom Field HTML Link

This feature would be very useful to our team. We have a lot of projects and links to copy docs, request forms, assets, etc. This would allow us to easily export all of our projects and have all of...


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