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  3. [New to Wrike] Undo mistakes in Gantt view

This is fantastic -I'm so glad this is now a feature. 😊 I second Deidra's comment. I also hope that someday there will be a restore-able log that shows past changes. This could potentially be part ...

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  3. [Status: Launched! 🚀] Dependencies in Table View

Hi Wrike Team, My team is interested in seeing dependencies in the table view! It is now mid August (8 months after the last post) and this feature is still not available. What's the scoop? Cheers.☺️

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  3. [Launched 🚀] Save/Undo button for timeline (Gantt)

Hi Wrike Team, I am in complete agreement with the comments in this thread. Just to reiterate/expand on a few points, here are a couple functions that are critical to successful project planning an...


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