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Using Wrike since 2012. I implemented Wrike for a professional services company comprised of 150 consultants, 8-10 project managers, and on average between 100-200 open projects at any given time. We learned a lot from that experience, and since then I have been helping other companies out with optimizing Wrike and empowering their teams.


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Wrike Analyze - custom field value sum and break by not working

Hey community! I have what I believe should be a simple formula, but I feel like I'm running up against a limitation. As an example, I have two custom fields: Expected ROI (currency type) Geo (dro...

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Invoicing projects based on time spent

Hey guys, tracking time against projects is pretty great and I think Wrike's implementation is good for that. However, when it comes to billing customers for the projects we're working on (T&M or F...

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Any Indianapolis Wrike users out there?

Similar to Nancy's post about Chicago based Wrike users, I'd like to see if we've got anyone in the community here that's based in and around the Indianapolis area. I'd love to network and potentia...


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