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  3. 💚 Releases - Wrike Lightspeed, Automation, New Table View, Custom Item Types, and a BIG Thank You for your Feedback! (04/24/2023)

It would be a big plus to have the ability to add the action to set the due date in 7,10,15 or 30 days when a new task is created.

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  3. [From Wrike] Automation: Date Trigger 🔥

It would be very  helpful to have the possibility to set a due date when a new task is created, based on a number of working days.  For example, rule is set to 5 days, if task is created today (nov...

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Hi Stephen. We would also like to have this option. it would help us a lot to see which tasks have attachments in the table view, as we go through some of our projects during meetings in table view...


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