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Microsoft Outlook and Meeting Effort.

It would be really great if Wrike could import MS Outlook meetings, retaining the duration as 'effort' to enable us to use wrike as a work planning tool more efficiently 😀

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Logging in as other users

Hello! We use Wrike as a briefing in tool for other people in the business. So they would brief work into our department. When we circulate work back to the brief owner we would create subtasks. Le...

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Time estimation and logged time

Hello all. Does anybody have any best practice around estimating time to a task and then using a report / analyse board, to see if what you estimated and the logged time matched? We are trying to g...

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Collaborators and Approvals

Hello all!  Just a quick question. I have 50 collaborator accounts. Lets say 1 collaborator and 1 full user is assigned to the task. The full user sends a task approval to the collaborator. The col...


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