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  3. [Status: Investigating 🕵️‍♀️] User and Collaborator Permissions

As our small company grows, permissions is starting to be our biggest issue with Wrike.  If we are unable to lock down folders in a way that works for us, we may have to switch to another solution ...

  1. Community
  2. Product Feedback
  3. User Permissions

Here is a use case we currently have.  We want to create a folder with workorder templates.  These templates are only to be edited by one group of people.  Everyone should be able to comment on the...

  1. Community
  2. Product Feedback
  3. Status of Tasks Stay When Project is Duplicated

I think this could be in the copy dialogue as well, "set status of all copied subtasks to:"   and then you can select which workflow status all tasks will become when copied.


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