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I am an avid Wrike user and always looking for new ways to help us use the tool to improve our project management and task organization. It is exciting to see the changes and improvements, especially in the Resource Management area!


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Workload chart showing effort for cancelled and completed tasks

Effort is being included for tasks in Cancelled and Completed states, even if you filter the chart to include only Active.  Is this something that can be changed? I know there is a future update to...

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Outlook integration full header inclusion (especially sent items)

I love the Outlook connector and use it often!  However, I have to edit most entries after added to Wrike due to information missing in the capture of the email header details copied to the Wrike c...

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  2. Product Feedback

Mobile App new version issues with immediate access to new posts

I have been seeing an issue since the new version was released.  I am an iPhone user and am on the most recent iOS with the current version of the app installed.  I love the feature additions such ...