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Marketing Operations & Optimization Manager - responsible for the processes, tech stack, data and reporting for our department who works as an internal marketing agency for 500+ customers


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Delete Wrike Tasks instead of just Recurrence

We are using recurring tasks quite a lot and are finding them confusing. If we delete a recurrence, it often times deletes the original task as well. How can we prevent that from happening so that ...

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Select ALL from a workflow

We would love if Wrike had the option to filter by all within a workflow, without having to select each status individually. We have a variety of workflows, but being able to filter by all within e...

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Edit History Detail Improvement

It would be helpful if we could see more detail about who/what/when an update occurred within a project or task. Today, we rely heavily on the data within projects and tasks for reporting purposes....

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[Status: Investigating 🕵️] Automated Report Exports

Today, we are subscribed to scheduled report notifications, however, we would love to see this data compared day over day, week over week and month over month... so we have to log in and export the...

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Dynamic Forms to Custom Fields

Thanks for working to make it possible to map form fields to custom fields! This is working nicely for our team, but we're still forced to create a workaround solution today to solve for dynamic f...


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