Infrastructure tracking - cars etc.

Hello Community,

Just wondering if anyone uses functionality to track the usage of for example cars in the company as the collaborators?

Actually the cars have availbility like all other resources so why dont make them available via workload etc. What is your opinion on this?

We are considering several scenarios for this functionality but it is not yet decided how it will be built. 

If you have any advices we are more than open to hear them.

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MBwe have the same problem, not with cars, but with big machines. We did not find a good solution with Wrike up to know. Everything we tried had drawbacks.

The big problem is that Wrike does not know material ressources. Every ressource needs an email address and normaly cars do not have one (and mail addresses cost money if you think of giving one to each material). 

So if you find a solution I would be very interested. Best would be a ressource without mail address in Wrike.

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

We are using indeed collaborator accounts with their own email addresses (which are linked behind the scenes to my email address) to plan company cars and toolboxes that we sent to projects. We also created different job roles for it to appear separately in the workload. At this moment it works fine for us, but we just started a few month with the use of Wrike so I hope to receive some more feedback from our users in a short time. Keep you posted.


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