Allow destination folders in request forms to change, rather than add Parent folder

I'd love to have the option of changing a destination folder entirely based on responses in a request form, rather than just having a parent folder added. 


Most of the time, this isn't an issue as you can leave the destination folder blank in the right hand admin panel. This becomes an issue when you need to use a multi-select question, as you are forced to choose a destination folder in the admin panel in order to have these question types map. Not sure why this becomes necessary when using this field type, but if that could be eliminated as a requirement, that would make my life easier.

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Hi Natasha Tyers

I know exactly what you are talking about. It's a litte bit complicated and all about custom fields:

Custom fields can differ from one folder to each other, they're not neccerarily unique in your whole Wrike account. So If you like to use custom fileds (e. g. for a dropdown list) in a request form, you have to specify from which folder they are taken. This is defined by the main folder of each request form.

It would be a great advantage if wrike could change this, so e. g. every page of a request form could have a different main folder.

But there's a workaround. As custom fileds are only imported once you select a question in a request form, you can change or even remove the main folder after creating (or updating) your questions. It's a bit confusing If you edit your form later, but for now it works fine!

Have a nice day!


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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Thanks Florian! This work around is good for now - it's just not super intuitive for anyone new to the platform (a lot of new teams in my org struggle with custom field mapping at the best of times!). 

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