Can you link to projects via board view?

My team is setting up another space within Wrike that we want to be specifically viewed in Kanban board. I have some screenshots of what we currently have, where we are using custom statuses as column names. The amount of statuses we need to use is pretty large, and I am trying to avoid having a super long board. Is there a way where we can split the boards into two but still have "cards" (tasks) flow between the two?


For example last task of the first board would be "NIN Web Review" and first task of the second board would be "Copywriting". The boards are in  "pre-copy" and "post-copy" stages.

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Hi Katherine A!

What if you created two separate subprojects for "pre-copy" and "post-copy" stages? Let me know what you think! 

Currently there's no way of splitting one board into two.

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