Filters - Helpful or Hurtful?

Something my team has explored a lot are all the filter options in Wrike. In most cases we keep our filters turned off, but I have found with my personal space filters have been the quickest way to access the tasks I need to see.

On a less positive note, as we onboard people onto Wrike from other departments in our company - we have found that most confusion comes from filters being automatically turned on. While I will say that Wrike has plenty of articles that explain filters and how they work, most people don't look to that as the first fix to an issue. Most complaints are "I can't see any of the tasks" or "I only see tasks that are overdue."

It would be cool for Wrike to create little pop up cards that introduced a space to a new user as they explored it, or highlighted where the filter button was.

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Hey Katherine A, I love ideas like this! I'd also recommend checking out Wrike Assistant (the question mark button in the top right hand side of your Workspace), this will give you some tips for new users in how to best utilize Wrike's capabilities, including with filters.

This feedback has been passed on to our Product team. When I have an update for you, I'll let you know 😊

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