[From Wrike] Calling All Wrike users! 

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Interested in getting together with Wrike-minded people in your community?  Across the world, Wrike users are getting together on a quarterly basis to talk about wins and challenges inside Wrike and outside Wrike. These grassroots groups are popping up like new custom fields in your public spaces! 😉
Why? Our biggest hope here is to connect Wrikers-to-Wrikers. Pretty simple. Learning how others use the tool is valuable, but there are even more benefits to be discovered by meeting fellow users and building these relationships.
  • Struggling to get management to log-in to Wrike and their overdue tasks are sending a bad message?
  • Trying to figure out the value of an add-on?
  • Want to know how marketing leaders in your community build campaigns?
  • Curious about how other teams use Wrike to manage events?
  • Looking to inspire another team at your organization to use Wrike?
There are other Wrike users in your nearest city with these issues, so why not join or start a user group now? 
Where? Your place. 
When? Quarterly. 
What? A dozen or so of the top Wrike users in your area getting together to increase their ROI, exchange best practices, and whatever else you decide is valuable! 
How do you RSVP? A Request form of course!
And that’s it! If you have any questions, comments, or feedback please let us know below 👇

Patrick Rohlfsen Community Team at Wrike Conosci le straordinarie funzionalità di Wrike e le best practices

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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

We're located in southern France - I've made a request to start a new location. Would be really awesome to connect with other community members here for some brainstorming and best use practices. 

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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Thanks for your interest, Soraya Jung, I'm really glad to hear that! 🙂 

Lisa Community Team at Wrike Become a Wrike expert with Wrike Discover

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