Additional Status Type (Active, Completed, Deferred, Cancelled and Misc)

My organization has decided to use tasks in lieu of projects in many cases to allow for dependencies. Many of our "projects" are a part of larger projects or events, so tasks make things easier to organize and recreate. That being said, with all the extra parent task, some "Active" to-do lists had been getting overloaded with unnecessary fluff. To remedy this, I created a number of "Deferred" status to clean up the dashboards (example pictured). 

If a fifth status group (with similar properties as the "Active" group) is added, that would alleviate a large number of our problems with clutter and reduce widget setup time. In the "Misc" status group, we could put our parent task statuses, event statuses and Meeting Notes/Reference Material statuses. 

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Totally agree! I have wanted a 5th status group as well. Different use cases - mainly just so I could bucket statuses into it so that selecting them all at once would be faster. But, the same end result. It would be awesome if I could create custom status groups. #upvote

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