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This may be addressed elsewhere and in some capacity it is as dates relate specifically to project timelines which would be fantastic but it would also be great if we could have our request forms block out non-working days based on the account work schedule. Right now, users can select a deadline on a holiday or weekend when we have nobody on staff, even if we have it blocked as a non-working day in the account calendar. Sometimes I catch that error and can shift the project to align with our work schedule, but I have had instances where I didn't catch it. If there is a way to block this, I may have just missed it. If not - that's an essential add for us. 

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This has also been an issue for our teams. We have working days and holidays entered into Wrike and while that does block the Project Managers from assigning on those dates, it would be great if that also applied to the request forms and would block requesters from selecting a holiday or weekend. It is something we have caught and adjusted when needed, but since those dates are already blocked in Wrike, it seems feasible that this feature would be possible and alleviate the issues we could face if we don't catch the error when the request is submitted. Our team is currently working on a project due on July 4th. 

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Hi Alison Marshall, welcome to the Community 👋 Thanks a lot for bumping this older thread! I'm passing your feedback to our Product team. Please make sure to upvote the original post above if you haven't yet - the number of votes helps the team understand how popular the suggestion is. Here's more detail on that, but please let me know if you have any questions! 

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