Increasing Video Upload to 500gb per month.

Hi Wrike Team,

Big fan of the platform and love how it makes my team productive!

We have a huge bottleneck right now in terms of video uploading only 15gb per month for 5 of us on a marketing plan, we reach our limit quite quickly...

Given there's 500GB space available, why can't the video limit also be 500gb instead of 15gb? The difference is huge and would be good to understand why that's the case given the importance of video.



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Hi Justin, I've reached out to your Account Manager to discuss some options for this, so you can expect to hear from them soon.

One solution, for now: There's no limit to YouTube videos, so if you have available storage space there, you could upload to a private Youtube channel and add to the Wrike task when you've hit your upload limit.



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I'm in the same situation. Account Manager was only able to propose adding users (which must be bought in 5s). 

But I don't need users, I just need more Video Proofing Space. But let's say I do upgrade to 10 users instead of 5, for another $173 a month. That takes me to 25GB of video proofing per month, so I'm being charged $173 additional per month for 10GB of disk space. With Google Drive, DropBox, OneBox, etc, I can obtain 17 Terabytes of disk space per month for that price (at $9.99 per TB). If I were to only be allowed to upload 10GB to that per month, it would take me 1,700 months or 142 years to ever fill up. Don't you think Wrike management is being possibly unreasonable and needs to loosen that bottleneck up, and allow us to upload, say 500GB per month? It would still take us 34 months or almost 3 years to equal what Google Drive, DropBox, OneBox would allow for that price. With my project lifecycles which are on average 4 months, I would archive and offload projects way before that and never ever threaten to use all 17TB of space compared to Google Drive.

I have requested more than 3 times to 3 different support personnel, for an executive exception, but I was told that no compromise or exception in any way could be made. I've sent this issue up to upper management. I have no idea if the creative executives at the company are listening. But, truly, as the world shifts to video, this is one of the most mission critical factors in being able to use Wrike for video production workflow. It's a deal killer. In order to handle the amount of video files and uploads I need per month, which is ONLY 150GB by my estimate, the Wrike account manager could only propose I purchase enough user licenses to cover it, meaning I would need to start paying $1,730 per month, which is $1,557 additional per month, in order to add 135GB of disk space for Video Proofing. On Google Drive, for that amount I could have 155TB. And again, 135GB per month, would take 1,148 months or 95 years to fill up.

Please Wrike, you need to offer a Video Proofing disk space expansion option or you are going to lag in the marketplace instead of lead. I love Wrike, and that is why I emplore them to make the right decision.

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I agree with everyone here about the uploading videos.  to have a tier just for video storage would be great.  We do use the youtube for most of our situations.  The only issue with youtube is you need to keep every youtube video revision,  unlike be able to just update the single file with revisions.

It would be great if you could make comments on google drive videos. Since we already pay for that service.

I don't mind using youtube, but it does slow down production for us to upload to youtube. But I recently came across a situation in which I can't upload a video to youtube due to copyright infringement (children's recital using music)  Now I need to upload about 6 GB of video and it won't let me. 

I have a lot of projects,  so figuring our where the other 9GB of video space used is very difficult going through every task.  Love at leas a way to manage every attachment in one location.

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Don't forget pCloud, 15GB for free and more if you're willing to pay for it

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Hey Jörgen Sjöbom, thanks for your input here.
If you need assistance, or if you have any questions be sure to let us know.

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