Creating Reports with time frame Filters on custom fields

I'm wanting to create a monthly report in Wrike for tasks located in a "Leave Request" folder. But finding it difficult to get all the tasks I want on the report, because if the task doesn't fit the filter exactly it is left out.

Specially I am wondering how to create a report for a specific time frame, (e.g. Jan 31-Feb 28) from the dates in a custom field. 

Currently I have tried to set a filter on the custom field with the time from (jan 31, and feb 28), the two custom fields it would impact is "leave start date" and "leave return date". Since they are custom fields I have included a time frame on both those dates to try to capture anyone who has come or gone during that month. My question comes up for tasks that have one of the custom fields outside that time frame it filters the tasks out. Is there any way to be able to capture and/or filters on custom fields in tasks? 

Or any other suggestions :)

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Hi Bailey, thanks for your post. It seems there are filter specifics using both Custom Field dates here. There's no direct way around this as the filters need to react to what's been defined and there is no and/or option for these filters (but a cool idea!). 


Perhaps if either the start or end date of 'leave' is more important to you this workaround may be useful:

In this example, I really want to ensure I only see Leave Start Dates within a specific time period. This means that my report is specific to 31st Jan - 28 Feb for Leave start. Then when I set the Leave End Date, I want to see anything within, and beyond, that period so I set that as 'Is not blank'.


So in my Report, I can see Homer started leave within the defined period (31Jan - 28 Feb) but it shows me the leave didn't end until the 03/30/2018.

Let me know what you think of this approach 👍




Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Thanks Stephen for your reply, and including an option that we haven't thought of yet. We are testing it out to see if that can help.

The other option that is working for us is exporting the full list to excel and changing it to the specifics of the search we need. 


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