No shortcuts in "Board" view?

I try to use the keyboard as much as possible to avoid strain and the potential for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but since I'm a developer, I primarily use the "Board" view in Wrike, and none of your keyboard shortcuts seem to work in that view. Please fix this!

Related: please add more and simpler keyboard shortcuts — Trello does this fairly well, for reference. Trello for example allows you to assign to yourself to a task by hovering over its card and tapping the "space" key, and tapping again un-assigns it. And merely tapping numbers (with no modifier keys) can add "labels" (aka pre-selected projects?). Makes triage of tasks fairly quick and painless.

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Stephanie Westbrook

@Adam Hi! We tried the "create a new task” and “search" shortcuts and those seemed to work. Could you let me know if there was a specific shortcut you're looking to use?


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