Custom Fields in Request Forms (Admin Question)

 When setting up a Request Form Is there a way to attach the answer the user selects when filling out the form to auto generate to custom field in the task?

I.e. for a leave request, having a question for "leave start date" with a 'date field type' auto generate to a custom field in the folder it is being sent to with the same field type.

I don't want to send it to the task start and end date, as this is used for the supervisor to approve the leave by.

This will make it easier when generating a report to be able to track individuals start and end date leaves with ease, and not have enter the date in manually. 

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Hi Bailey, thanks for your post and happy New Year 🙂

I think the below solution is what you're looking for but please let me know if I've misunderstood your question.

  1. Once you create a date Custom Field, e.g. 'Leave Date', in the Folder or Project where the Request task will be saved, then you can map the response to a Custom Field. See below where I've created this Custom Field as an example:



2. Now when creating the Request form. Ask the question 'Leave date' and change the destination from 'Description' to the Custom Field you created above. See below:

3. Now, when someone fills out this Request form, the date they choose will map to this date Custom Field with the value they have chosen. See below:

I hope this helps, but again, if I've misunderstood what you're looking for here, please let me know 🙂


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Hi Bailey 🙂

I understand your point here - there is no way of knowing if a redirect Folder you choose contains the Custom Field at the point of creating the form. This is good insight and I can see why having this information at the time of building the form would be helpful - it would be great if you could post this idea in our Product Feedback section so our Product Team sees it and other members can vote and discuss it 👍

For now, when building the form and choosing a redirect, you will first need to check that the folder you plan to redirect to, contains the Custom Field.

Just to make sure we're on the same page, here's a quick simplified example.

1. Below I have created a simple Folder structure with "Leave Requests" as the Parent Folder, with a series of Subfolders determining each person. I've also added the Custom Field "Leave Date" and "Type" to the Parent Folders so it's automatically shared with the SubFolders.

2. When creating the form, I map to Custom Fields and redirected them to different Folders.

  • I create the form so that the parent Folder is the main Folder (selected on the right of the form)
  • In question 1, I map to the Date Custom Field "Leave Date".
  • In question 2, I create a dropdown based on the Custom Field "Type" and I add redirects to Folders depending on the answer choosen.

    (I have double checked that all redirect Folders also have these Custom Fields).

Now, when I submit the form, the task lives in both paces: The main Folder "Leave Requests" and the redirected Folder "Debbie". And because the Custom Field is shared with both Folders, the Custom Field values show up in both tasks.

Note: If the Folder "Debbie", was not a Subfolder of "Leave Requests" it would not be automatically shared it's Custom Fields, so I would need to locate the Folder "Debbie" in my Wrike account and add my Custom Field to "Debbie" etc., before creating the form.

I hope this helps! Any questions at all, I'm happy to discuss 🙂

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I have found that I am unable to use Custom Fields in questions without assigning to a specific folder at the form level. We use a single form for department-wide requests and assign tasks and folders at the question level. Is this something that can be addressed or reworked?

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Hi Sean Garcia,

I'd recommend making a post requesting this feature in the Product Feedback section. This way, other Community members will be able to share their support for this suggestion as well.

If you have any other questions, be sure to let me know.

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We have the same scenario as Sean, in that we use a dynamic request form with assignments to different parent folders based on form criteria, so we do not want a form level assignment for all requests - which seems to be the only way to make the custom fields available during form building.


The workaround is to add a folder that includes all the custom fields at the form level, making the custom fields available while building the request form, before removing the folder from the form level before saving. A bit of an inconvenience, especially if you forget to remove from form level, and not a very elegant solution but a workaround all the same.

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Can I ask to clarify I understand this Form Builder CF hack you're suggesting here Oliver

1. create a "Dev Folder", add any possible CFs you might need to that folder
(or just go Full Metal Jacket and add ALL space-level and/or account-level CFs the folder has access to)
2. create RF, select your supercharged Dev Folder as target folder for created work item
3. map answers to the custom fields as needed in form
4. remove super-folder and map target folder you want work item to actually be created in
5. save/publish RF

Doing the above, work item/project created by the RF retains all CFs that were mapped, regardless if actual target folder has them or not??

Am I understanding this right?

I assume that regarding space-level CFs, the super-folder will not be able to see any space-level CFs from spaces other than the one it is created in.

Sooo, do correct me if I am wrong but I believe, one would then need to create this super-folder in each space to capture these space-level CFs.
BUT you could create said super-folder first in one space, with ALL account-level CFs added, and then simply duplicate it into other spaces, saving significant build time, then just do the bit of extra work to capture respective space-level CFs?

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EDIT: just tested theory re above - confirmed making Super Folder available in each space needed to add/use space-level CFs, but confirmed (thankfully) "duplication" mentioned above not necessary - adding multiple spaces to Location field works to make any space-level CFs visible/addable to folder.

Created folder "RF Dev Super-Folder" in my personal space, am space admin for all spaces but unable to see any space-level CFs here, so then added other spaces to Location, and as expected I could now access both account and space-level CFs.

Biggest drawback, folder of course is automatically shared with space members when added to Location, not ideal from a Dev perspective.
Fix is simple though - retroactively turn on advanced sharing, then unshare. Overall far better choice than duplication -> speed/simplicity and more importantly, versionability - when new CFs are added in future, only this single folder needs updating.

I added a random handful of CFs to this folder for testing, both account level and variety of space level ones.

Then built new test RF (specifically chose to test it first as a space-level RF not account-level)
...mapped target to super-folder, and viola!!

I can see ALL the CFs I'd added, even those that do not belong to the space I am building the RF in!

  • Caveat - interestingly and I don't know why, but was NOT able to add any "multiple-select" type questions to the test form.
    Is this a bug, or is multiple-select being removed as an option in RFs?? I sure hope not!

Last thing tested - if resultant created work item would retain VISIBLE CFs when eventually created in a different target folder?


  • If work item created is a "task" - NO. It retains neither visibility to account nor space-level CFs. Bad result.
  • If work item created is a CIT with any of these fields already mapped in it - YES. Good result!
    SO the data ARE there, they're just not being made VISIBLE in legacy "task" type work items
    (Obviously a space-level CIT will only be able to have account and it's own space-level CFs mapped, but that's a given)


  • Super-folder idea works - creating then adding ALL possible CFs to a "super-folder" for Dev will significantly reduce time needed to map lots of CFs when building RFs in any space. Though adding these CFs to the folder initially is a TASK lol we have over 100 CFs...
  • BIG CAVEAT: unless desired function of RF is to create CITs, one DOES still need to add any CFs to respective target folder(s) for the CF data to be visible to end-users in these non-CIT tasks - booo :(
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