No Support for Photoshop Files - Proofing Approval System Rendered Pointless ?

After spending days testing out all the features of the Wrike marketers platform. I have just been informed that the Proofing Approval Process in Wrike does not support PSD Files.

Given that the vast majority of creative teams use Photoshop and Wrike have spent time developing a Photoshop Extension and a Proofing and Approval Workflow how can this possibly be overlooked.

Did someone forget to Wrike It Down ?

Very Disappointed Will Have To Take My Business Elsewhere

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We use the proofing tool for a number of different situations where reviews are needed. Design feedback / proofing, quality assurance, software design feedback, anything basically that people should look at and comment on.

Our team exports PSDs as an image and uploads the Wrike for review. I wouldn't view the approval system useless basically it doesn't accept PSDs.

Photoshop files are complicated beasts, good designers will generally have lots of layers, with some layers aren't meant to be seen in final output, and are large in filesize. If rendering a PSD in the reviewer tool it could lead to longer load times (due to large files) and could display your designs incorrectly (depending on complexity).

While the review tool has a couple things I'd like to see improved. Lack of PSD support is not one that I care about.


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