[Duplicate] Custom Dashboard Widget (Order by date)

Note from Wrike Team: Check out "Allow to sort completed tasks by most current completed" to vote for the original request. 

Once we develop the custom widget based on complete job we would like to see on the top the most recent completed, but seems from the Filter selection is not possible, because once you select the date, you can not decide how to order, it will automatically order fro older to newest.

Any way you can add this features in the future?



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Pavel M

Hi Riccardo! Thank you for your question. I am afraid currently it is not possible to adjust the ordering inside of sorting categories for Dashboards. Ordering by 'Date' is designed to give you the most 'urgent' tasks on top based on the due-date, this explains the logic.

As long as your request is not related to API, I am transferring it to our Product Feedback section of Community. We have a similar request here, so I'll go ahead and mark this post as a duplicate. You are very welcome to take a look and we'd love to have you vote for the suggestion.

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