There should not be a delete confirmation modal dialog – there is a Recycle bin!

It is already really tedious to delete items (especially since there isn't an Archive function). The modal confirmation box is super annoying. Supporting UNDO is a really important UX principle – and that's what a Recycle Bin does. If I accidentally delete something (very hard since it's behind a dropdown in the first place) I can retrieve the deleted item by going to the Recycle Bin. Adding the additional step is tedious.

Modal dialogs can help prevent errors in the first place but you don't need them if you have Undo. 

Wrike is an expert-use system and should focus on being streamlined and efficient. Making things take 3 steps when they could take 2, and are potentially repeated often, makes it worse to use. 

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Hi there, Ellen! Thank you for sharing your feedback on this, I completely understand how this could become a tedious job when you have several tasks to delete. The pop-up does help new users who may not be aware that a task is being removed not only for them, but for others too, and is being moved to a location outside of the current Folder. That said, I think your feedback is very valid, and going through a three step process in each task can be time-consuming. I wanted to recommend Mass Editing - this allows you to delete tasks in bulk:


Do you think this could help?


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