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Wrike Session: End-to-End Marketing Process

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    Kamini Patel

    Hi -

    We just wanted to share some of the Q&A from our session today.

    Q: How did you link the request form and the template together?
    A: On the right hand panel of the Request Form creation you can decide what is going to be triggered once the form is submitted: a task, a project or a project from a template

    Q: Does this work with all Adobe products or just Photoshop?
    A: Adobe Extension can be installed on Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. You also need to have PRoofing and Approvals to install Wrike's Adobe Extension on Adobe Premier Pro. For further info, please follow this page

    Q: How do you set up the integration with other project management tools?
    A: Today Wrike has many integrations - see If you would like to set up integration with third-party apps, you can use Zapier, - this way a task can be triggered in Wrike. To check all our integration, please go to your Profile -> Apps & Integrations.

    Q: When you move the version out - do the comments/edits attach to it also?
    A: No, but all of the history of comments and edits is saved in a task/folder stream (comment section) as Wrike is your single source of truth.

    Q: How do you set up projects to an archive folder every time they are marked completed?
    A: At the moment there is no automated way for this, but the best solution here is to have a z_Archive folder (so it would sit at the bottom of your list), mirror your current structure in Wrike and move completed/outdated projects by dragging and dropping into a relevant Archive subfolder. This way you can already put them back using drag and drop.

    Q: Is there a way to set dependencies without dates?
    A: Dependencies can be created on the Timeline, and only scheduled tasks are shown there. If you want to use it as a template, you can set a status Deferred so there will be no notifications triggered.

    Feel free to ask additional questions in this thread.

    Kamini Patel Community Team at Wrike 💡Conosci le straordinarie funzionalità di Wrike e le best practices

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