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  • En savoir plus sur mon équipe, mon secteur d'activité, mes intérêts et ce que j'ai réalisé grâce à Wrike


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  • Integrating Harvest to Wrike

    While Wrike has the option to record an individual team member's time spent on tasks, it doesn't allow to bill, invoice, and budget clients. Instead, our agency uses Harvest for that. If Wrike were...

  • Incorporating a 'Seen' Functionality

    It would fabulous to have a functionality in the comments section to show who has 'seen' posts.  Sometimes tagging a team member in comments will fall through the cracks and questions will be asked...

  • Have the ability to "jump to" tagged locations in the Inbox

    It would be great to have a button somewhere in the Inbox messages (possibly by the 'Archive' button) that would take a user to whatever Project, Task, Subtask, or Folder they were tagged in. Or at...