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List and Table Sort by WBS (work breakdown structure)

When creating a project in the table or list view, the tasks, behind the scenes, should be auto-assigned a WBS tag that preserves the order in which they are entered.  Then they can sorted by WBS r...

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Dreaming of Perfect Project Management Tool - And Wrike Could Be It with the Right Features

The purpose of this post is to share my dreams of a perfect project management tool.  I’ve been a community member for 1 ½ years (Black Belt), and a Wrike user for that same amount of time.  I’ve d...

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Product Roadmap?

Dear Wrike - I've subscribed to the entire Product Feedback section so I get notified each time there is a post. There are many mentions of various ideas/enhancements being under consideration by t...

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[Status: (Now in Wrike Labs) Investigating 🕵️‍♀️] Planning Allow "Planning"/"Template" Mode to Separate Active/On-Hold Projects from Projects Being Planned/Templates

Please consider being able to put a project in a "planning" / "template" mode so when tasks are assigned to resources, the resources' time is not committed and tasks don't show up in the different ...

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Conditional Formatting of Tasks

It would be nice if there was an ability to have tasks show up in certain colors if they met certain conditions, especially in the Table view.  The conditions and color choices would be configurabl...


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