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  3. Assign an automatic due date from a request form

How many up votes are needed for the suggestion for SLAs to get implemented into the request forms?  Curious if I need to force all my users to click this or not.

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  3. Effective Resource Allocation within Wrike

Have a question.  You recommend creating a custom field for project type, but only applying it at the project level.  You then mention that you should use this field at the parent task level.  Are ...

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  3. How do I remove my photo from my profile?

Hi Anastasia, Can you reset the profile pictures for our entire instance?  I'd like to have all of them revert back to initials.   Thanks, Jesse

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  3. Let collaborators see the dashboard functionality

I would love this as well, but I also realize that Wrike does need to make money.  One issue I have now is with a dashboard, I can organize by priority, but it doesn't look like I can sort by prior...

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  3. Folder or Project Overview

I vote for being able to have the folder/project overview default to being shown.  Or better yet, have it be a pane that remembers being left on or off.


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