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I lead a team of project managers and engineers who design, manufacture, and install products at customer sites. We use Wrike extensively to manage tasks, hand-offs between tasks, as well as resource loading including ~90 employees and subcontractors.


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Workfow API and Space Workflows

The workflow API does not retrieve space workflows at this time. I spent some time trying to figure out why my space workflows were not being retrieved by the API, then I asked support to find out ...

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Analytics View questions

I've configured an Analytics view for a folder in a workspace so that it is very useful for viewing tasks for a particular team in that particular workspace. Then, I went to another workspace and a...

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Wrike API Documentation- Dependencies

Hello, I've been developing some tools using the Wrike API. I noticed that there are several conditions when adding a dependency that will throw API errors. These errors are not documented here: ht...

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Easy way to see dependency status

In the Task Details view, under the Dependencies tab, please display Task Status for the predecessors so that it is easy to see what the task is waiting for before it can begin.  This prevents the ...

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Identify what Project a task belongs to

This applies to Calendars, Dashboards, Reports, Workflows, etc... We NEED to be able to identify what project a task belongs to. Lack of this feature impedes our teams use of Wrike, and slows adopt...


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