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Capturing replies to the automated system emails from Wrike

It would be nice if Wrike’s email integration engine could also capture replies to the system emails from tasks or projects (such as when a guest review invitation is created, or someone receives a...

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Seeking tips for managing attachments and storage space in Wrike

We're starting to come up against our storage limit for the first time, and have realized we don't have any practices in place to manage attachments through the process or after the close of a proj...

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Option to allow leading zeros in numerical custom fields

We use a custom field to tag projects with our purchase order numbers. Our purchase ordering system allows and often includes leading zeroes, however Wrike removes those upon submission. I didn't s...

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A search function for the Wrike Assistant: Learning Hub would be great!

The Wrike Assistant with the learning hub is a great tool. However it would be really nice to be able to also search within the learning hub for specific topics or within the different sections lik...


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