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  3. [Competition] Wrike's Valentine's competition! 💚

We are a small start-up of 12 people and I would share this prize with everyone as we have made WRIKE our tool of choice in 2020 since adopting it in 2019. In 2020 we used it to coordinate re-writi...

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  3. 🎈 Releases - Resources, Bookings, Permalinks, and Printing - The First Release Notes of 2021! (01/18/2021)

Hi Lisa, I have to agree with Daniel. The AI does not provide the ability to chase overdue tasks easily. It would be great to program a capability that mimics the request status update feature.

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  3. Default landing page

Has this question been resolved yet? My landing page upon opening WRIKE is always the first blueprint project I created which is no longer relevant for the work I am doing.  I have to scroll up the...

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I am having the same issue - please leave a post on how to fix this. Thanks