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Adding an additional role

I'm wondering if Wrike could add an additional role like 'Locked' or something similar that denied a person access but did not delete their account or unassigned their tasks. In the event that you ...

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No longer tracking status changes

Why are my tasks no longer tracking status changes or time logs in the feed? I need to know who changes a status. This is critical to our approval process. Help!

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Prefix to project tasks when created by a form

When a form creates a new 'project from template' it would be nice if the title could become the prefix for the tasks and sub tasks as well. Right now it only names the project but doesn't create a...

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Request Forms

When I create a form with a checkbox list and set the answer to Title it includes the questions as well as the selections. Is this correct? When I do the same thing with a drop down then it is only...